The Spain AeroPress Championship 2019 is open to all residents in Spain.


We want to make the participation accessible to all the lovers of specialty coffee in Spain, and because of this we establish a minimum registration fee equivalent to two hours of work of a barista, or two bags of specialty coffee. The registration gives the right to receive a first sample of the coffee to elaborate the recipe before the celebration of the corresponding Regional Championship, and a second sample of exactly the same coffee the day of the competition. Both samples of coffee are 250 grams. The competitors can pick up their first sample of 250 grams of coffee from the 10 days before the celebration of the corresponding Regional Championship. The registration must be done through the registration area of this website.


The competitors can register only in one Regional Championship. A 20% of the (assistant) competitors of each Regional Championship qualify to the National Finals:

  • less than 10 competitors = only the first qualifies

  • from 10 to 14 competitors = the first 2 ranked qualify

  • from 15 to 19 competitors = the first 3 ranked qualify

  • from 20 to 24 competitors = the first 4 ranked qualify

  • from 25 to 29 competitors = the first 5 ranked qualify

  • from 30 to 34 competitors = the first 6 ranked qualify

  • from 35 to 39 competitors = the first 7 ranked qualify

The final list of qualifiers to the National Finals will be announced on this website and on our social media.


The competitors must elaborate a personal AeroPress recipe with the coffee they received, and they must deliver it on paper with name and surname to the Coordinator of the corresponding Regional Championship. Some of the information that must be indicated in the Competition Form: (1) traditional or inverted method; (2) paper or metal filter; (3) grams of coffee; (4) milliliters of water; (5) coffee and water ratio; (6) water composition; (7) water temperature; (8) grinder model; (9) grind size; (10) pouring time; (11) blooming time; (12) stirring time; (13) infusion time; (14) extraction time; and (14) total time. Download the Competition Form of the Spain AeroPress Championship 2019 by clicking here.


The Regional Coordinators will provide the coffee to all the competitors ensuring maximum quality. The coffee of the Regional Championship of Catalonia will be selected by an independent jury through an open cupping. The Regional Coordinators will guarantee that all registered competitors receive a first sample of 250 grams of coffee 10 days before the celebration of the corresponding Regional Championship. The coffee received will be exactly the same as the one the competitors receive during the day of the competition. The official roasters of the Regional Championships are: (1) in Andalusia: Ineffable Coffee Roasters; (2) in Aragon: San Jorge Coffee Roasters; (3) in Asturias: Cafés El Globo; (4) in the Balearic Islands: Meke Coffee Roasters; (5) in the Canary Islands: Blend Specialty Coffee & Roastery; (6) in Cantabria: Grupo Dromedario; (7) in Castilla La Mancha: D·Origen Coffee Roasters; (8) in Castilla y León: Puchero; (9) in Catalonia: La Familia Osorio; (10) in Extremadura: Floco Coffee Roasters; (11) in Galicia: Cafés Siboney; (12) in Madrid: Toma Café; (13) in Murcia: CaféLab; (14) in Navarra: Cafés Moreno; (15) in the Basque Country: BB's Café; and (16) in the Valencian Community: Bluebell Coffee. The official roaster of the National Finals of Spain 2019 will be the winner of the Spain Roaster Competition 2019.


The competitors can use filtered water, bottled water or make their own water, and they must report the origin to the Coordinator of the corresponding Regional Championship. This information must be included in the Competition Form. It's not allowed to add any ingredients to the water. The organization will provide filtered water to all the competitors who don't bring their own water.


The competitors have 8 minutes to perform their personal AeroPress recipe and serve a final drink of at least 150 milliliters to the judges. The final drink must be served in a cup provided by the organization within this time. It's not allowed to add any ingredients, nor apply cold or heat to the final drink. Serving less than 150 milliliters of drink or do it outside the established time, will mean automatic disqualification.


The competitors can use their own equipment being responsible for its installation and removal. The organization is not responsible for losses or damages, so it is recommended to take extreme care during the competition. It's not allowed to modify the original design of the AeroPress. The organization will guarantee that the day of the competition the competitors will have access to: (1) at least one professional grinder; (2) kettles with adjustable temperature; (3) competition bowls; and (4) filtered water sufficient for all competitors. The AeroPress, paper or metal filters, scales, servers and other optional preparation tools must be brought by the competitors themselves.


The Regional Coordinators will choose a jury of at least three recognized experts who will judge the ability of the competitors based exclusively on the quality of the coffee served in the cup. One of the three judges will be appointed as the leader judge. The members of the jury will not be associated with the brand who hosts the Regional Championship, nor will they maintain a relationship with the competitors. The members of the jury must calibrate themselves before the competition, but they can't talk to each other when they are judging the cups during the competition.


In order to select the winners of each round, the cups provided by the organization will be labeled at the bottom with the names of the competitors. In each round the judges will blindly select a single cup pointing it with their finger, all at the same time and at the count of three. The judges must limit themselves exclusively to selecting the cup that they judge the best individually. The most voted cup will win. In the case of lack of a majority, the leader judge will decide the winner cup.


The distribution of the tables and rounds in each Regional Championship will be decided randomly once the registration is closed and the attendance has been checked. Only the assistant competitors on the day of the competition will be taken into account.


Carlos Zavala
National Coordinator


Barcelona, September 1, 2019.